Our village, Lorgues

Lorgues is a typical Provencal market town with a medieval centre which is surrounded by beautiful countryside of pine & oak forests, olive groves and vineyards. It is well located in the heart of the Var region and about an hour's drive from the coast and St Tropez. The main street through the center of the village is shaded by century old plane trees on both sides. The street is partly one-way, allowing a calm, relaxed atmosphere for the many terrace cafés.  A walking tour around the old part of the town, marked by 20 numbered plaques, visits most of the ancient sites, many of them dating from the 12th century.


Lorgues is a lovely town to explore, with a maze of old streets, open squares, and fountains to discover, and some splendidly colourful houses lining the streets. There are substantial remains from the fortifications that surrounded the town in the 12th century, and a couple of entry gates from that time can still be seen. You will also notice the clock tower, 28 metres high and with the ornate wrought iron campanile typical of this region of Provence. Among the oldest buildings in the town is an ancient baths called the Bains Maures, a small low building built in stone and entered by arches that is said to date from the 8th century.

The Collegiale St-Martin was built in the 18th century in the centre of Lorgues and is the most important monument in the town. The facade is in the classical style and includes three statues inset in closed arches while inside there is a highly regarded organ. There are some other impressive buildings from the 18th-19th centuries in Lorgues such as the Palace of Justice and the Town Hall, also in the classical style of architecture.


Lorgues Markets

Visiting an open-air market in Provence is one of life’s little pleasures. Market day has been a way of life for Provencals as well as most Europeans for generations. The market serves as a social function as well as an opportunity to shop, bringing together the community each week. The Lorgues markets on Tuesdays and Fridays are abound with tantalising colours and smells. Sun-kissed fruits – melons, peaches and apricots, colourful vegetables, tasty tomatoes, aubergines (eggplant) and courgettes (zucchini) – all indispensable to Provencal cuisine. The markets usually consist of local farmers and other vendors who sell their products and many of these vendors travel from market to market. You will most often have a selection of fish and meats from local butchers, fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers, as well as other specialties such as bread, cheese, olives, spices and wine.

Bastide La Belle is located just outside Lorgues, a popular village in the south of France.


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