1pm: Pick up at Nice airport and transported to Bastide La Belle (BLB)

5pm: Welcome drinks

8pm: Three course dinner BLB



9h30-12h30: Semi-abstract flower painting preparation, concentration on the flower as a source of lines, shapes, space, gesture, color and value. You will learn how to create an abstract flower, with a variety of lines inspired by the subject in front of you or the memory of the flower.

Lunch: On the covered terrace at BLB

2h30-5h30: Working on your abstract flower painting

8pm: Three course dinner at BLB


9h30-12h30: Working on your abstract flower painting

Lunch: Salads on the covered terrace

2h30-3h30: Completing your abstract flower painting

3h30-5h30:Helpful visual information and discussion on abstract art emphasizing concept, composition, balance, colour, design, form and symbolism in preparation of your color field abstract painting



9h00-12h00am: An early rise and we're off to enjoy the well-renowned Lorgues market. Remember to make some sketches of geometric lines in buildings as this afternoon we start on our color field abstract - think Nicolas de Stael or Mark Rothko. 

Lunch: Local restaurant in Lorgues

2h30-5h30: Work on your abstract painting. 


8h30-12h30: Work on your abstract painting

Lunch: On the terrace at BLB

2h00-3h30: Finalize abstract painting

3h30-5h30: Landscape painting preparation, concentrating on the relationship between light and colour. Discussing how to achieve a convincing sense of volume and depth in various expressive styles of landscape paintings from abstract to semi-abstract to realistic.



9h30-12h30: Early start for Valesole, lavender area for en-plein air painting. 

Lunch: Picnic in the lavender countryside

2h30-5h30: Working on your landscape painting 



Morning: Working on your landscape painting

Lunch: On the terrace at BLB

2h30-5h30: Finalizing your landscape painting



10h00: Goodbyes and transport back to Nice Airport

€2550 pp sharing all inclusive, non-participating partner €1850. Single supplement €780. Our art vacations are limited to 6 persons

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Acrylic Paint Vacation sample itinerary

Bastide La Belle is located just outside Lorgues, a popular village in the south of France.


145 Chemin de Cogolin, 83510, Lorgues France


+33 (0) 6 95 08 28 13

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